IMPORTANT: Y4Jers Upgrade

Hi everyone! We wanted to give you a heads-up that starting tomorrow, Tuesday 9/27, we will begin the process of upgrading Y4Jers, the social networking layer of Y4J. The entire procedure may take anywhere from 1 to 3 days so please be patient throughout this time. This upgrade was tested in our development environment where overall, there were minimal, insignificant issues. Hence, our decision to move ahead. The Administration is actively taking backups of all data. That way, in the event of a failure, we’ll be able to restore the site to current functionality within a couple of hours.


  • User data: All user data (profiles, photos, videos, music, comments, messages, etc) will be retained.
  • Profile customization: The new version of Y4Jers will drop all profile customizations such as backgrounds, color settings, etc. Although there may be similar functionality, we have no choice as the upgrade is a completely redesigned system and retaining such customization, for each profile, with such a significant upgrade – is nearly impossible.
  • Facebook connect: You will have the ability to login with your Facebook account. Although this is an exciting piece of the upgrade, it assumes that the email you used to sign-up for Y4Jers is the same as your Facebook email address. Otherwise, it will automatically create a new profile for you. Therefore, if you are hesitant about doing so and/or forgot which email address you used, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out. This type of account linking cannot be undone! Once your account is linked, you will be required to always log-in with your Facebook credentials. Similarly, this means that if you’re logged-into Facebook, you will also be logged-in to Y4Jers (and vice versa). Although this is a great feature to help connect your online social experience, we have not tested all possible scenraios of this feature, so use it at your own ‘risk’.
  • Gallery/Forums: Access to the Y4J Photo Gallery and Forums will be limited after this upgrade. We hope to get these working shortly after.

There will be many new features in this version but that’s not it! We have already begun testing the next version of the software which is currently in beta. Once a stable version is released, we will begin the process of arranging for an upgrade. So don’t get too comfortable! 😉

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Blessings!

Y4J Administration

    11 Responses to IMPORTANT: Y4Jers Upgrade

    1. Natalia says:

      Its good that you fixing Y4Jers, i think that many people want to join this website and participate in it. I mean it s a great opportunity to have forum where we can discuss all the questions and topics. God bless you all in this tuff job and send you His strenght!

    2. Svety says:

      Good job !

    3. Natalia says:

      Do you know how much more time you need ?

      • youth4j says:

        We can’t give you an exact time but it may be another day or two. We’ve performed the upgrade of the software this morning, but now there’s a lot of configuration work to do which takes time. Once we are done, we’ll be sure to notify everyone. If you have Twitter or Facebook, you can follow Y4J to get the latest updates on the progress.

    4. Svety says:

      will i be a ble to use a forum ?

    5. Natalia says:

      I cant register but its okey

    6. Olga says:

      Do you know how long its gonna take to fix the forum?

      • youth4j says:

        It will take a few more weeks as it’s a very difficult process. We’re actually waiting on a third-party to help us with it but we’ll let you know once it’s up for sure!

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