Springfield 2014 Conference LIVE

Springfield 2014 Conference Live streaming will be available here at Y4J.ORG during both Friday and Saturday services.

Address: 866 North Rd, Westfield MA, 01085.

Conference starts at 6 pm EST on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014.

    12 Responses to Springfield 2014 Conference LIVE

    1. Denis says:

      Конференция начинается сегодня в 7pm, не торопитесь и будьте аккуратны на дорогах 🙂

      Благословений в пути и до скорой встречи!

    2. Unknown says:

      Is it just me or is the live streaming of the conference not working?

    3. vika says:

      а прямая трансляция есть?

    4. Robert says:

      Hmm,it’s not working 🙁

    5. unknown1 says:

      Why is broadcasting not working??? When is going to work?

    6. mariya shubin petrovna says:

      you have to click on the “6pm” links above next to the picture!!! its live there))

    7. Please Help says:

      Please make the volume of the Conference a bit louder please, because It is kind of hard to hear.

    8. SSE says:

      still having problems with playback?!

    9. Dima says:

      Not working tech guys.

    10. Katie says:

      Will there be livestream this morning?

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