English Camps

            People often refer to the English Language as the “world language or a global language”. Many people around the world study English in schools and colleges. Therefore a lot of youth around the world have the desire to know this language.

            God has blessed our youth at some point in our lives to relocate and live in the United States, where we had the ability to learn the language and use it daily. When we have the opportunity to host an English Language camp in Kazakhstan, we use our knowledge of English to share it with the youth who attend our camps. Often these camps last only for a week at a time which is not enough time to teach someone a new language. But youth has great interest coming to these camps even for a short amount of time to learn something new and have the ability to practice their knowledge of English with English speaking youth. Everyone that comes to our camps are tested on their knowledge of English and are divided into different course levels such as Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes.

            Our English Learning Camps are built on Biblical principles. Every day we start our courses with a morning prayer for the day ahead of us with the youth that attends these courses. The course material is closely tied to a specific Bible topic of that day. For example a day may have a topic such as Family and Clothing. We would learn vocabulary related to those topics and depending on the level of the group, practice and apply that new information to our speech and writing. After the course we would gather together and summarize our day, where we would read Bible story of the day in English for the given example “The story of Joseph” Genesis Chapter 37-50. After the reading we would discuss this story and summarize a lesson for our life. In the evening we would have a gathering of local youth members and English Camps participants for tea. Where we would sing together youth songs and would have a speaker for the evening that would share with us a message from the Bible.

            Camps such as these give us a great opportunity to meet new people. Share with them our knowledge of English. Most importantly have the opportunity to share with people we meet the most important message of our life.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

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