Gvozdov Ministries

          We are glad to tell you that God gave us an opportunity to serve Him in the country of Ukraine. Young Christian men and women, coming originally from Ukraine and Russia, in the states from Washington and New Hampshire along with Americans from multiple states, went to Ukraine for the past few summers. They went to serve children, youth, and the elderly in village and city churches of Ukraine. Gvozdov Ministries reaches out to people by involving local church youth and other church members in reaching out to their village and city boys and girls, men and women by VBS, youth activities, and home visitations with the goal of bringing them to church activities and church services. During the day, we reach out to children by doing Bible camps with the sports, English, crafts, and other lessons. During the evenings, we reach out to the young men and women by playing sports or having intellectual and friendly discussions around bond fires. During the other times and on weekends we reach out to elderly people by visiting them and helping them out with anything that we can. On Sundays, we visit the local church, participate in the church services, and visit the sick and the elderly at their houses. All of this we are able to do because of the support from God and from His people.