Hand in Hand

             The mission Hand in Hand was established back in 2003. Galina Gura and Anatoly Kushnar visited the country of Belarus preaching the Gospel and providing necessities for needy orphans. Anatoly took initiative of this task in Belarus and invited members of his church in Gorham, Maine to join him. The invitation was lively accepted and a group of youth went to Belarus the following year.

            Ever since then, people from Maine and other states like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, and others across America have joined Hand in Hand to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide for the needy. Groups go to Belarus every summer and either live with the orphans or have tent camps for local children. In both cases, the objective is to teach the children about Gods forgiveness of sins and show them His love. In addition to summer trips, a group of people goes to Belarus every winter to proclaim the news of Jesus’ birth and hand out gifts.

            Throughout the remaining portions of the year, much time goes into preparation of the program and fund-raising for these trips. God has blessed Hand in Hand for over ten years now. If you are interested in serving God and becoming a part of Hand in Hand, you can find more info at www.handforyou.org 

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