Kids Day Camp

            One of our ministries in Kazakhstan consists of Kids Day Camps. Throughout the country there are a lot of small churches in villages and small towns. Churches that have started not long ago or are actively growing. Churches that are very grateful for additional resources to Evangelize the area. Our groups travel from one village to another hosting short day camps for kids that often last a couple of days.

            During Kids Day Camp we invite all the kids in the area for a daily camp. Where they come in the morning and we usually start with games such as soccer and volleyball while everyone gathers. After this kids are usually divided into groups based on their age where we have a Bible lesson of the day. For example a typical camp may have daily lessons such as:

1.      Day 1: What is sin? How did sin enter the world?

2.      Day 2: Who is Jesus and what He did for us.

3.      Day 3: Overcoming sin. Our life with Jesus.

            After the daily lesson kids participate in Crafts, where they makes different crafts from scratch and take them home with them as a reminder of that day. After crafts there is a sports activity where everyone participates. It can be a game or a treasury hunt. At the end of the day we all gather together for a summary of our day, where a daily speaker shares a short message from the Bible with the kids and we revise what was learned that day during their Bible lesson.

            During Kids Day Camp we work with a lot of kids from the area and many of them come to Sunday Bible school in their local churches and have the opportunity to learn more about the Bible. During these camps we have a great opportunity to meet a lot of youth as well. Typically during the evenings we have a camp fire where a lot of local youth comes. We sing a lot of youth songs together, share our testimonies, how each one of us found Jesus, and what Jesus has done in our lives.  There is usually a speaker in the evening as well, who shares what God has put in his heart and shares some words with us from the Bible.

            Through this ministry we have the opportunity to meet a lot of youth and kids. Invite them to a local church and most importantly share the most important message of our life:

  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16


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