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Лагеря в Полтавской области, лето 2007

P1010741Прошедшим летом Бог даровал мне возможность поехать в Украину для проведения детсково, Христианского лагеря. Наша группа состояла с десяти человек. По милости Божьей, мы провели два лагеря; в сёлах Горбы и Жуки, Полтавской Области. Оба лагеря длились 5 дней. Темой лагерей была: жызнь Иисуса. Лагеря прошли очень благословенно, и пришло намного больше детей чем мы и поместная церьковь ожидали.

В обоих сёлах нам розрешили использовать поместную школу для проведения лагеря. Лагеря были дневными: с восьми утра, и до пяти. Но так как мы пообещали “купоны” тем кто прийдёт первыми, дети собирались с семи и раньше. “Купоны” дети получали за присудствие, хорошее поведение, за помощь друзьям, за ответы на вопросы, золотые стихи, и т.п. В конце лагеря был сделан магазин, и дети обменивали свои “купоны” на призы. Детям это очень понравилось.

Whom Shall I Fear?

Burning_BushOften times we fear that which we hate or abhor, why should we fear God though? Aren’t we supposed to love Him and shouldn’t He be our friend who we can come to in Times of trouble and fear?

Psalm 2:11
Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

The fire licked up the outside walls and cascaded up into the night. All around the building, fire fighters scampered, trundling huge hoses into position to battle the blaze. Jerry stood with sweat pouring down his face and the spray from the hose soaking his body. He loved his work and felt he really served well. He knew the dangers that were involved, but he fought fires anyway. His job was one of the greatest joys of his life.
Not all things that inspire fear should be avoided.
firefighter460A wise person knows his limits and knows what situations he can handle and what ones he cannot. A little fear is healthy. It gives us respect and appreciation. It causes us to not get careless. The Fear of the Lord should not drive us from Him, but should help us to understand Him and deal with Him reverently and respectfully. When we encounter our Lord with both joy and trembling, we know Him in a special and meaningful way.

Lord, help me to never forget Your awesome power, as well as Your awesome love. Allow me to feel a healthy fear, but never let that fear separate me from You. Amen.