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Христос Воскрес Воистину воскрес!

Да благословит нас всех Господь “и просветил очи сердца вашего, дабы вы познали, в чем состоит надежда призвания Его, и какое богатство славного наследия Его для святых, и как безмерно величие могущества Его в нас, верующих по действию державной силы Его.” “Достоин Агнец закланный принять силу и богатство, и премудрость и крепость, и честь и славу и благословение.” Еф. 1:18-19, Отк. 5:12

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Y4J.org Upgrade

Greetings, Y4J’ers! It is my pleasure to announce that Y4J.org is currently undergoing a major overhaul. We named this technical project “Vitalize” to underline how significant of an effort it will be. This upgrade will provide you with a fresh, new interface, better security, and many new features. In the weeks and months ahead (yes, it’s that large of a project!), you will begin to see changes throughout the site. But no fear! We will do our best to keep you informed of where everything is in case you happen to miss any links. In the meantime, the existing Y4J links are located at the top of this blog.

Note: Since we are ridding the site of some old functionality, you may notice that some links may no longer work. Please keep in mind that since this is an active project, page performance and availability are subject to disruption. We ask for your patience, understanding and most of all your prayers to help “re-Vitalize” Y4J.org as a powerful Christ-centered community for Slavic-American youth. If you have any questions or feel that you can lend a helping hand, feel free to let us know.

God bless you,

Y4J Administration